Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scott & Melissa ENGAGED! Jackson, MI Engagement photographer

I was driving down the road when I got a semi-panicked phone call from Scott's sister Kelly. Scott had proposed to Melissa while they were in Northern Michigan and during the proposal, he recorded it. SOMEHOW, Melissa had managed to delete the video from the camera that Scott recorded the engagement to... OOPS!

During the panicy phone call, Kelly asked if there was any way to recover the video. It just so happens that I am a FREAK (after past mistakes and MAJOR FAILS of my own) about image backup and recovery, so I asked Kelly to just have Scott and Melissa put the camera away and I would take a look at it as soon as they returned home.

As luck would have it, I was able to recover the video!!! ELATED! SCORE! ha! Secretly, I was hoping that if I was able to recover the video, that it would land me the job of shooting their wedding ;) I mean recovering it was purely luck, but my hopes were on edge mostly because I ADORE this family. They are very near and dear to my heart. You might remember Scott's sister Kelly (& Steve)'s wedding that I shot last year. I knew at that wedding that everyone had high hopes that Scott and Melissa would be the next to tie the knot. Sure enough... here we are!

I could not be more honored to have the opportunity to photograph their fall wedding in October 2012. They are planning a out of town wedding and im ELATED because I it's outside and as you all know, I am a natural light girl, so once again... SCORE!

We had a FREEZING cold Michigan snow day last week, but we braved the frigid temps because they/we really wanted a snow shoot. I was SUPER nervous, because white snow reflects EVERYTHING and makes exposure tricky, however... the result I am more than thrilled with. They are an adorable couple to begin with and the snow was the perfect reflector.

I love the way that Scott is so attentive to Melissa. He's such a caretaker and has such a kind heart. I have known Scott for many years, and watching him with his bride to be is super neat to watch. Melissa is the perfect compliment to Scott also. One of the cutest things I heard her say, I was mentioning how I "loose" Scott's right eye in pictures. It's just kinda who he is, and it really closes when it's bright outside. Melissa, said, "that's one of my favorite things about him". You two are seriously the cutest!

I am really looking forward to watching you plan your wedding this year and cannot wait for what the big day will bring!

xoxo, Kari

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RSB said...

We wouldn't think of ever having anyone else. You did such a wonderful job with my sister that the decision was made then. Thank you so much for the pictures, the video recovery, and for pretty much everything. You're amazing.

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