Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scott & Melissa - MARRIED!!! Destination Photographer, Spring Lake, MI

I have known Scott since he was about 10(ish). He's always been the kind of guy who is fun to be around, genuine, smart, and with just enough fun mixed in there to make a great guy! When I met Melissa at Steve & Kelly's wedding last year. I had a sense that these two would be the next one's to tie the knot! 

A few months after the Mizerik Wedding, I got a panicked call from Kelly who told me that her brother had proposed and how that was all wonderful and everything... BUT... he had recorded the proposal, and Melissa had accidentally deleted the video!!! Aaaah! Panic! She asked if there was any chance of saving it. Long story short... I got the SD Card from Melissa and with my magic recovery software... we SAVED it! YES!!

Once I was able to save that, I secretly hoped it would give me the "IN" to shoot their wedding... but I patiently waited until they asked :)  And they did :) Yay! I win! haha! We had a GREAT engagement session in the snow, where we froze... but it was worth every minute!

Our meetings before the wedding were all about the set up of the outdoor wedding over looking a beautiful lake, under a willow tree, in Spring Lake, MI. However, because we all know what a beast Michigan's Mother Nature can be... Scott & Melissa had to make the tough decision to have their wedding inside where it was warm and not windy... or outside where everyone would FREEZE, and take a chance at more rain showers. It was tough to watch Melissa as they made the decision, simply because of all the plans they made about their vision. However... as with most things in life... it was MEANT TO BE! 

Their ceremony took place inside the Spring Lake Country Club in front of a cozy fire side and candle lit mantle. The intimate setting snuggled all of their close family and friends in and the moments that all came together were nothing short of BEAUTIFUL. The ambiance that, that room became, was SO lovely. A perfect match to a laid back couple so full of genuine love for each other. 

It was such a shock to me as I was attempting to capture Scott's reaction to his bride as she came down the aisle, because I quickly turned around... and Melissa was there! It was like she RAN down the aisle!! ha! As she got close to the "altar", she said, "I'm ready"!!! So them :) and a great laugh from their guests!

It was such a joy to watch Scott & Melissa's family as they all got some great laughs through the slide show they shared with their guests. I sat there thinking to myself how proud their parents must both be. These two are so sweet and genuine together. Every time I am with them I can't help but notice how much they make the other smile :) 

Congratulations Scott & Melissa! Thank you SO much for allowing me to share in such a special time in your lives. I wish you two so much happiness in the future and look forward to watching your lives grow TOGETHER. 

xoxo, Kari

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