Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some of my faves :) Family Photographer, MI

I honestly cannot think of anything that brings me more joy in my photography business, than families who invite me to share in the big moments in life... like weddings... and then stick with me and allow me to share in their futures :) It is seriously, for me, the picture of success. If I have the honor of having clients continue in the future... my cup runneth over!

You might remember John and Ginger from about 3 years ago. Their wedding picture is even still at the top of this blog (ya I have slacked a tad in updating it) but they are just as wonderful together as ever!

We had a wonderful day at Hidden Lake Gardens AFTER the rain threatened to keep us away! The radar on the weather channel was UGLY and it rained RIGHT after we finished their session, but as you can imagine... I was jumping up and down with excitement that the rain held out for us!

Ginger's mom came along and was willing to let us get her in a few photos. I say it all the time, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... bring grandparents to your sessions. Grandparents are SO special and in time, having pictures of your children with their grandparents, the meaning will only grow. PROMISE!

Thank you SO much to John, Ginger, and Morgan for sharing your lives with me! Your dedication, support and friendship mean A TON!

Also, Ginger... I don't take much time to blog anymore because there is just too much work to keep on top of it, however, you need to know that every time I DO take the time to blog. Your little words of, "Kari, you need to blog because it's one reason why I chose you for my wedding" rings in my ear... EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. and for that... I thank you for giving me the gentle nudge to keep at it!

xoxo, Kari :)

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Raghu Raj Murmu said...

Interesting photographs!!!

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