Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The time of my life...

It's not something that comes with effort, it's not something that you get to witness just any old time... but it IS something unique and real.

When I thought about how I would describe the wedding of John and Ginger the first word that came to my mind was... REAL. What the heck do I mean by real... don't all of us experience real love. Well, yes... however... what I see in John and Gingers love for each other is a perfect example of a love that compliments each other. It was BEAUTIFUL to watch them at their big day and it was so seamless.

If you know Ginger you know that she ate, slept, and breathed planning that wedding day. It meant THAT much to both of them. My biggest worry of the day was that I was going to be working with a bride who wouldn't be able to truly enjoy her day. I knew/know in my heart of hearts how badly she wanted that day to be so special and a true representation of the love that they share. They wanted to share it with those they love. And share they did! I think if you were a guest that day you likely got the same feeling. And just for the record... I was SO off... Ginger was NOT the bride who couldn't enjoy her day... she was quite the opposite... totally immersed in the day and so thrilled to watch it all unfold... the permagrin was the evidence. ;-) And John... he's the more reserved type, which I think is why they compliment each other so perfectly... but it was obvious that every time she was near... he was in his glory! John did vows and a family medallion ceremony to Morgan... there was NOT a dry eye in the church.At the reception when the glasses get tapped, I often see couples who are like... "ugh, not again... im trying to eat".... not these two. I think they truly enjoyed the tapping bringing them back together each time! I love that they are so crazy about each other... but the neatest part is... it's not a young lust type of love for each other... its the true mature, selfless, kind, and lasting love... SO special for me to capture... This photographer's dream! Isn't love grand?

Ginger had several surpises up her sleeve. The biggest one... I have no idea how she was able to keep it from John, but she had TWO wedding dresses! How fun. They did a beautiful slide show for their guests that I know they both worked their butts off to pull that off! I love her face in this shot... shes all... haha look at me I pulled it off and he never had a clue!

They celebrated their beautiful day at the Historical Park at Greenmeade in Livonia. The grounds were perfect for some great post ceremony shots... they happily obliged me... I knew Ginger wouldnt mind, but John was a total trooper! And again just for the record... Ginger says the light was "yummy" for the pictures! LOL I think she has been doing her homework!

I honestly could go on and on about how wonderful this whole wedding was... but I won't... Ill just let the pictures do the talking!

John and Ginger... I can't thank you enough for being the dream couple in every way. I truly feel honored that you allowed me to document your day and embraced me as part of your family and friends. I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and look forward to watching what the future holds for both of you!

Ginger and her gorgeous daughter Morgan. The connection they share is nothing short of beautiful.
This cake was amazing!!!

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Jeri said...

The pictures are absoultly stunning. You really did a awesome job of catching what the day meant to John and Ginger in their faces/eyes.

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