Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We are pretty serious about our home team!

Sorry im a bit behind on getting this post done and I didn't even write on the last one. Just been busy getting the kids ready for school. My kids started today and it went great... more on that later.

So here is Drake... can you believe he is 21 months old? If you are a long time blog follower, you will recognize him. He kicked off our Bebe' Collection with his first year and here we are almost all the way out to the 2 year mark... no way?!!!

So big news around here. Drake is kicking off our new Baby 2 Bus collection. Clients who are in the Bebe' Collection, I have become so attached to your children and love every minute of documenting their first year. Each and every child who is part of my bebe' collection is near and dear to me. I have personal relationships with them that I know will last a lifetime. What I don't want to happen, if for you to feel like now that your baby is 1 year old we are done. It's still so important to mark those milestones even after 1 year. So here are the basics to the Baby to Bus.

  • FIVE sessions. First session will begin at 18 months, then 2 year bday, 3 yr, 4 yr and the final 5 year just before they head off to school.
  • $150 for all 5 sessions. Each session will offer a free 8x10 and 20% off all prints.
  • the potential to have a final album with photos starting from maternity to age 5. What better way to capture those first five years that are so important.

We have a saying in our house; "you get 5 years with kids"... if you can't set a good solid foundation in those first 5 years, its going to be a tough ride. I don't think there is anything more bittersweet than capturing your little one from belly to 5 now! And let me tell ya, I know all about bittersweet today after sending my baby off to preschool today for the first time! Whew MUCH tougher than I expected it to be!

Ok enough sappy talk from me...

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