Monday, September 14, 2009


You might remember these beautiful eyes if you remember back to our contest! Olivia was the first place winner in "The Eyes" Contest and she surely didn't disappoint with her eyes!

I had a wonderful time doing Olivia's session this past weekend. She had the BEST outfits that her grandma MADE for her... AMAZING work and the patterns and fabrics couldn't have been better. Doesn't everyone wish they had a grandma to make great things like this for them?!

Olivia was a champ through her session. My 12 year old daughter Kenedey occasionally comes on sessions with me and is a HUGE help.... all those times when she isn't with me and I find myself saying, I wish I had 4 hands... well she makes that possible. I really didn't have to work hard for these great smiles, most of them were courtesy of Kenedey... and then there was the frown pics... yeah we had nothing to do with that... that was all Olivia's dad Travis... he said something that made her sad... but this pic is one of my faves so kudos Travis! Good work! Even if you did have to make your daughter sad!

Jason (my husband) and I went to school with Travis and Libby (Olivia's parents). This is like the 5th friend from High School's child that I have had the opportunity to do photo sessions for. It has been so neat for me to get to see these people with their families/kids.

Olivia thank you for sharing your pretty eyes... never forget, "Daddy DOES wear diapers" ;-)

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Holly Frey Photography said...

I love this last one--they are all so cute! Good job--don't you love kids that make you look good? ;)

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