Monday, December 16, 2013

Its kind of a surprise to me... Tecumseh, MI Photographer

It's kind of a surprise to me that this blog is still here, but it's also a surprise to me that I remember the password to log in to this blog to update it!

Thanks for hanging in there with me over the last few months. I have endured a BUSY busy busy season and am finally coming up for air! It was a successful season layered with much more balance than previous years, and in that balance my blog takes an immediate backseat. My kids deserve the time invested into them, rather than the time I used to spend keeping up the blog. So again, thank you again for your patience and understanding and I promise over the slower months to do a better job of popping in here to keep things... interesting... that might not be the right choice of words! Let's just go with keeping this a tad more UPDATED! ha!

I am shooting many more sessions in the studio now that the weather has changed. It's always such an adjustment for me every year to go from full blown outside sessions to back in the studio with artificial lighting and backdrops! It's no secret that I definitely prefer the outside, it provides a better place for kids to BE KIDS! Always something I pride my sessions on. I don't ask my kids (eh hmmm... err my stubborn son) to let me set him in front of a backdrop, and perform like it's nobody's business! It DOES not work well for him! But, over the last few years, I think I have figured out a way to make the best of living in Michigan and for me, it requires a little bit of  back drop in a room and kids "performing with smiles" in the studio. Stepping out of my comfort zone OFTEN leaves me with little gems like this little guy I got to meet on Saturday!

His name is Ajay, and he was a CHAMP in the studio! I absolutely love taking the time to play and giggle and be silly with these littles! Thank you so much to Ajay's family for giving my studio a try. He is SUCH a little gem! The last words out of his dad's mouth as they left the studio were, "When can we bring him back?!" As he said that, I walked away feeling like... "hmmm maybe I CAN make the most of winters in the studio!" Thank you for that validation Ajay's daddy!

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