Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sullivan Michael Clark - Jackson, MI Birth Photographer

So I truly had no idea that some of my clients actually stop by this blog... I used to be SO good at blogging. Then, I started to feel like it took so much time, I am a terrible writer (AND proof reader)... and I just figured I should be prioritizing getting editing done!

Well low and behold, a couple people have recently mentioned they DO in fact check my blog now and then... maybe blogging should come back? I have some thoughts on all of that, but Ill check back and blog again another day (Hopefully soon).

In the meantime, I wanted to share the birth of Sullivan! This was a QUICK birth which I seriously almost missed completely. Ryan & Jade (Sully's Daddy and Momma) were wedding clients of mine and I have gotten to know them quite well over the past few years. They are a WONDERFUL couple. Jade loves photography and even dabbles in it a bit! She's a talented gal!

Jade knew even before she was pregnant for Sullivan that she definitely wanted birth story images. I am SO glad it worked out! IT was almost too perfect ;)

I was in touch with Jade all morning via text, while I waited from home to hear when I should head up to the hospital. I don't mind waiting for births at the hospital, but I also hate to be in the way or take away from the experience as it should unfold. Being a fly on the wall is more my style most of the time!

So things changed quickly for Jade after a slow morning of progress. She asked me at one point to wait an hour and then head in... I then got a text from someone (probably her mom or Ryan) asking me how far out I was because she was going to start pushing. I was at that point about 5 miles out from the hospital... UGH. I was so anxious and tried to drive as quickly as I could to get there, fly into the parking garage... remember to grab by camera and make a mad dash up to the 4th floor! Well... as I arrived at her door, I knocked (ugh oh, completely shut door) and a nurse peeked her head out and swished me in... within just about 3 minutes... maybe 3 pushes, this BEAUTIFUL baby BOY made his appearance! Jade was one of those moms we can all envy because she made that tough job look like it was so freaking easy!!! Kinda like those olympic runners... how do they make that look so  easy?!!! Ryan was exactly how I would have anticipated... stoic, calm, and just wonderful! :)

Sullivan was perfect, impressed all of the nurses with his content nature as everyone commented on how similar he looks to his big sister Lily!

It was a beautiful birth... please enjoy! Thank you Jade & Ryan for allowing me to share in such a special time with you all. Always an honor to be with your adorable family!

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