Saturday, October 20, 2007

My giggly friend! :-)

Just a couple of outtakes....

One of Brittney's best faces:

So today I hung out with Brittney at Hidden Lake Gardens. Im often saying that when I first start a senior's session they are often tense and very inhibited. Brittney however!!!!! That was not the case, not even from the moment we started to take her pictures! She was giggling within the first 2 shots!

She had me hiking up super steep hills and had all kinds of great ideas to try... like none before!!!
We had fun conversation and im sure her ears still burn from me singing to her! (*I feel PRETTY, OH SO PRETTY....) Well anyway I hope you get the idea of how fun this shoot was. I don't think iv'e ever had to say... Ok its time to be serious. Yeah rare!

I know Brittney because I work with her mom. She is the youngest of four kiddos and goes to school at Michigan Center High School. Enjoy your last year Brittney! It was awsome hanging out with you today, I hope you have stopped crying by now because you miss me so much my best buddy! I thoroughly enjoyed doing your pictures, I hope you are happy with your sneek peek! I don't usually put this many up!!! But I couldn't decide.

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