Saturday, July 26, 2008

I understand more than you think!

So many of you that I have had the pleasure to photograph and who have children often apologize for the way the kids are "acting" during a shoot. You will often hear me say... "oh my gosh, don't worry about it one bit. Let them be "who they are". I completely understand and I promise we will get some pictures you will like!"

I took Carson out to do some pictures of him and to hopefully capture something that represented him. Well... here is what we got! NOT.SO.MUCH!!! See... I DO understand! We only lasted about 15 minutes and I took about 80 pictures of him and I like... ummm 2 of them! LOL Go figure!

I know that when I used to "take" my kids to have their pictures done I would always reschedule if they had a terrible bump er.... in this case scratch on his head.... I wanted to be sure that they looked just perfect! On the way to get their pictures done I always worried they would get their clothes dirty or something. Well... that can be fixed! Just so all of you know... I can edit out "flaws" in your photos. I even had to edit a bandaid off from an adults head (wink wink Joel)! I just wanted to make sure all of you know this is available in case you run into a problem like this.
BEFORE: (our puppy got him, OUCH)


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