Sunday, March 1, 2009


I think this site is with its own individual review/blog. I will be posting the link over on the sidebar as well so you can access it anytime.

Two ladies I met at the mom 2 mom sale had their little girls in the CUTEST outfits and I asked them where they liked to shop! These girls had on the CUTEST long coats that were brown (one with purple polka dots and the other with green polka dots). I saw these girls before I actually met them and I was like... "Look at that little girl, I WANT to photograph her!" Sorry, but it's kinda how my brain works. You all know by now that I love unique clothing, hats, blankets, fabrics, backdrops, chairs, all that good stuff.

Anyway... they shared their love of Mini-Boden and I went and checked out the website right away! I LOVE this site and their stuff. It's super easy to navigate too for those of you who aren't crazy about online shopping! Be sure to look at it, especially if you are looking for unique outfits for your children/family for an upcoming photo shoot! Be sure to click on the Sale tab too they have some really cute stuff in there too for more than half off the original price!

I will be ordering Carson an outfit because now I have this "look" and idea in my head for an outfit for him and I am going to take him to the beach when we are on spring break for a shoot! OOOOHhhh I can't wait for warmer weather... I'm getting really antsy!

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