Sunday, April 19, 2009

I had a terrible time......

narrowing down this post to six pictures...

Where to begin? The pictures will speak for themselves, however... this family was absolutely beautiful. We did this shoot at baby Taylor's grandmas home and it couldn't have woked out more perfectly. Beautiful lighting, beautiful baby, beautiful textures, beautiful fabrics... beautiful everything!

I got to witness Taylor rolling over for the first time!!! She was an absolute joy to photography and was just as calm and relaxed as she could be! Grandma had some new furniture that she let Taylor model on and Taylor did a little cristening of it and peed on the one piece of furniture that her mommy was concerned about! Isn't that the way it goes? Grandma couldnt be upset for too long after Taylor gave most of her smiles to Grandma!

See where she gets her good looks?

Thank you so much Erica, David. Taylor and Sonia! I cant wait to see what the next year brings with your little sweetie!
Oh what the heck... one more! This dress she is wearing is her christening dress. It was made by her great aunt out of Erica's (Taylor's mommy) wedding dress. OMG... GORGEOUS!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful session once again.

Erica Furnas said...

O my beautiful baby girl!! I don't think I could've captured how beautiful Miss Taylor is if it wasn't for you Kari! What an amazing job! I think this is the fourth time I am on here looking at her pictures! It was such a pleasure on Saturday and I have already told so many people about you and your beautiful work. On to the next stage of life...Thank you Kari!!

Kristie Chadwick said...

The first images just cracks me up so cute. You captured some great moments of the baby with her parents. Thanks for the link :) Kristie

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest. LOVE the close up B&W shot. Those eyes are so serene

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