Friday, April 24, 2009

MY little man!

I can't decide color or the other??? What do you think?

I cannot believe that my little guy is turning three next week. Woah. Where has the time gone? It honestly gives me heartache to see how quickly he has grown!

I really enjoy this little guy and thank God that I do because he is a handful, very demanding, and SUCH a momma's boy. I'll admit it... he has me tightly wrapped around his finger. I never thought he would be a mommas boy and don't get me wrong he likes his dad too... but seriously if I move an inch away from him, he freaks and needs to know where I am. He is happiest if I am setting somewhere watching him doing whatever it is that he is doing. It's the cutest thing if I am gone for any amount of time. When I return, he acts like he hasn't seen me in 3 years! So full of joy!

He weighs WELL over 30 lbs. now but insists that he needs to be carried everywhere... and only by ME. I do have a very strong left arm from lifiting him all the time! I could probably win an arm wrestling competition now.

Some of my favorite things that he has done lately...

-Jason was getting after him and he turned around and in the sternest, gruffest, (and cutest ;-) voice... said, "I told you ONCE daaaaad"... all while having the entire motions to go with it, stomped his foot and threw his arm in front of himself..... it was SO hard not to laugh.

-When we were on Spring Break he go into trouble for something and he got a time out... it was all over and we were on our merry way... he turns to me out of the blue and says (really snotty tone) "I can't like it u put me in tiiime oooout" yes, he shook his his when he said time out... ask me next time you see me... ill be glad to demonstrate! LOL He really doesn't use the word "doesn't"... he says... cant... aka, I can't like it...

-He refuses to go to the bathroom all of the sudden anywhere but home... and on the RARE occasion at a restraunt restroom. It makes me crazy because he does the potty dance sometimes for hours but just WILL.NOT.GO.

-He LOVES animals with a passion. His best friend is his dog Niko and Zoie our other dog we have right now (that's another story) he loves to sit and hold and pet her forever! So sweet. He got to see 2 day old baby kittens today at the barn where Kenedey takes horse riding lessons and he was just in awe. He told the girl that the kitties need to go back in their box and snuggle and he was very concerned about why they didn't have eyes yet... awww!

-At night when he gets tired he will come to me and say... "momma u roooock me?" I try to just drop what I am doing and go roooock him because I know those moments are fleeting. :-( Not much baby left... ill savor what's left though.

Anyway... he's a royal PAIN to photograph because he moves ALL.THE.TIME. Honestly he can't sit still for like .0005 seconds unless he's asleep and then he's soooo sweet! A few weeks ago my assistant Tyler KINDLY agreed to take some shots of him downtown Chelsea. Carson had a great time, but as I was looking through the shots he got, half of them Carson is running away from me and it's the back of him. Good thing I think those shots are cute! So all you mom's out there... when I am at your shoot and your son is being "all-boy" and I say I COMPLETELY understand... trust me, I really do!

Tyler, as always... thank you so much for your patience with Carson. I definitely couldn't have gotten any shots of him! Here's what I got of him yesterday!!!

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