Thursday, April 23, 2009

A little... errr BIG road trip!

Well I have begun to think that I enjoy making life difficult for myself! No surprise right? A fellow photog (Wendy) mentioned that she and some others were going to a field of blue flowers over by West Bloomfield Michgian. I thought... oooh that sounds beautiful and I love Wendy's work, it will totally be worth driving over there to check it out.

After a 90 minute car ride (thank GOD for built in DVD players) we made it to our destination. It turned out to be a nature trail but no field with blue flowers... or at least what Wendy and I had in mind. I found the blue flowers and made the most of our trip over there!

I haven't done a "true" photoshoot of Jack since he turned 4 and he is going to be turning 6 very soon! The nature trail was a great location for him. He was able to run, jump, climb over and on things and he was such a great sport about the whole thing. Lauren... she wasn't exactly thrilled because I had pumped her up so much about these great flowers and they were tiny! She let me know more than once how cold she was and how little the flowers were! She's funny! However, she looked adorable sporting her new outfit that I got to assemble for her. She is the perfect kid for me to get my little girl shopping fix for! Kenedey is 12 and sooo not into cutesy things anymore. But Lauren, the more pink the BETTER! No wonder she is my girl!

We brought Carson along who was such a whiner. Surprise right mom? He wanted to be carried and we walked a LONG way and I hate to tote his heavy butt... suprise again right mom? (We just spent time doing some walking at Sea World recently with my mom and he was a PAIN)!!!

Anyway, we did get some cute shots so ill shut up already and share a few!

He is an absolute natural in front of the camera.

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