Sunday, July 26, 2009

10 years ago to the day...

Travis and Andrea met.

I had the huge honor of photographing their special day yesterday. I'm a people watcher and if you know me well you know that I love to analyze couples ;-) Dork.. yes I am. But, something about this couple was really neat to watch. Neither one of them are super crazy about having all eyes on them... I think it probably creates anxiety for both fo them. However, as I watched them even after 10 years of being together and undoubtedly very comfortable with each other... there is a sweetness about them as a couple. I don't think it's something you can see without really watching, but those little glances of the love they have for each other really are beautiful. Andrea warned me that Travis wasn't a huge fan of being in front of the camera... I just want to give a big shout out to Travis right here... Travis... THANK you for being such a good sport! You really did amazing considering all the warnings I was given! LOL

The weather forecast had everyone worried that we were going to have to go with their back up plan of an indoor wedding... however the skies opened up to beautiful clouds, sun, and blue sky. It was amazing.

It's pretty much a given that it's going to be beautiful when you hear this. The ambience this trio created was incredible.
Andrea and her mom... Twins?! I love this shot, do you see the tears in mom's eyes? So much joy and pride in her sweet girl whom I am sure has grown up all too fast. I can imagine someday when my daughter gets married... Doesn't seem possible does it mom? You raised a beautiful, geninue, and wonderful girl... you should be proud... although bittersweet. Love this shot of the bridesmaids flowers. Pink and Black for colors... simply beautiful just like the bride!

Travis is a pilot and this was part of their table decor. Love it! I just want to note his ring too... first time I have seen this type, made of tungsten and carbon fiber... interesting huh?
Officially official.
They are my favorite because they chose to see each other before the ceremony... so selfish of me to favor them because of it, but it does make my job easier not rushing and look Andrea... I got some shots of him SMILING!!!

Isn't she stunning?!

Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Travis Epp for letting me be part of your special day. It was truly an honor. CONGRAULATIONS!

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