Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

First and foremost I want to say Thank You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you first to my family. Those of you who have supported me and been my cheerleaders. Your confidence in me is the very core of what has helped me make this dream a reality. Thank you to my children, thank you for sharing your mommy with the people I call "clients" and who I have to go "picture" as Carson would say! I do this all for you two, Kenedey and Carson. You are my heart and you two bring me more joy than you will ever know. Thank you to my handful of friends who I know are my true friends, your "realness" means the world to me, thank you for all the late night talks and hugs. I would never be successful without your referrals and your swift kick in the rear that I sometimes need! I love it when you keep me REAL!

This past year has been an absolutely incredible year for me from a business perspective. I have found a career that fulfills me in so many ways, some that I never even dreamed were possible. I have met so many new and wonderful people (who I now consider friends) who I don't think our paths would have ever crossed had it not been for this business. I am not kidding when I say I have the most amazing clients EVER. I cherish the fact that you invite me into your life and share your families. I am so lucky to be able to capture these moments and hope they become something you have forever.

2008 was a tough year for me and 2009 was a huge make it or break it kind of thing for me. I had a huge hard drive failure/crash in 2008 and it broke my heart and I handled it very poorly. I couldn't even share it publicly because it was such a heart ache. I didn't handle it well at all but what I can say now looking back and walking through 2009 with my head held high... I overcame it. I didn't break it... I MADE IT!!! 2009 held so many amazing moments photographically speaking.

So... lets take a look at a few of my favorites from 2009. I have chosen these basically randomly, but more because of the memory they provide rather than because they are the best. Some you have seen, others probably not! They are not the "perfect" photos, but they mean A LOT!

Once again. Thank you so much to all of you! Here's to another upcoming year! Looking forward to all the great things 2010 has in store for Touch of Love Photography!!!

Lots of Love and Cheers to 2010!!!!

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Holly Frey Photography said...

Well done, Kari. I'm proud of you.
Love, Holly

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