Sunday, May 11, 2008

I <3 this family!

My fav:

So you will probably recoginze Maggie in these photos from the Salon Breathe photo shoot. Maggie's siblings all came up to Michigan for a sibling get together, apparently they haven't all been together in the same state for a long time! I was so excited to go do their photoshoot. I knew if the others were anything like Maggie, I would just love them.

I couldn't have felt more comfortable with this family. They are the kind of people who are just fun to be around! I know they will probably be like... "oh my gosh, I cannot believe she is saying that... after this shoot!" Tommy, which is Maggie's youngest son, was having a rough evening. We all know how it is when young kids don't get enough rest and have overstimulated weekends, and to top all that off... add in some serious allergies and asthma. Honestly what could we expect to get out of him after that! At one point in this shoot we even contemplated taking Tommy to the ER! I will have to say that's a first for me, can you just see me following the 6 of them around the ER?! I haven't spent any time there recently but who knows with all the renovations at Foote Hospital it could have been cool! Tommy, I hope you are feeling MUCH better today! I will come back over and we will do something fun when your eye isn't all swollen!

To give you an idea of where all of these siblings flew in from: John (New York), Ann Marie (Georiga), and Billy (Virginia)! I hope you all had a fun time despite "baggage" LOL! :-) It was a pleasure working with you all!

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Anonymous said...

Kari, we LOVE them...thanks so much. Can't wait for the rest of them! p.s. Tommy's eye is almost back to normal :)

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