Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The wonderful thing about kids...

Is they are so great at just being.... THEM! So often I try so hard to just capture people just "doing what they do". I love the little touches, a look, or a just an action that captures a person. It can be tough to get that with adults and even some kids. This session was certainly an exception, these kids did WONDERFUL. I never once felt stressed with them. How in the world is that even remotely possible with THREE kids? I think they all take after their wonderful mommy who is just as calm as can be! I admire you Amy, you are doing a wonderful job with those precious kids!!!
I'll admit we both thought she was ruining this shot with her "thumbs up!" Who knew it could be so perfect just the way it is?!

Today I met up with Amy... another wonderful Salon Breathe employee!!! She has 3 of the most AMAZING little KIDS that I have worked with in a long time. Not only were they well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves, on top of that they were all just adorable. I knew they would be cute... but THAT cute?! Wow!!! I find myself saying that so often about my clients, but honestly I think I have the most beautiful people to photograph and these kids were no exception. The oldest you will notice has these gorgeous brown eyes. Amy said to me during the session... "Do you think he could make us some money?!" of course she said it jokingly with a side of humility, but this kid has the most precious dimples and personality to go with it! He is such a gentle older brother to his two sisters and I hate to tell you Amy... but he COULD make you some money in front of the camera... he is that adorable and just a natural!!!

The girls were just the cutest things ever, the middle one ("A" we will call her) is "all girl"! During one part of the session she had to stop to get the dirt off her shoe and then she was ready to roll again! She was so willing to sing for me and a do her little ballerina stuff... "A" you are going to be so beautiful in your ballerina stuff!!! I could just kiss her little round cheeky's all day long!

And lastly there is little miss baby sister! I was shocked that she isn't even 2 yet! She is so tall and super bright too. Mom says if she's not happy... nobodys happy! Bad news Amy... that should warn you that she is super duper smart!!! She's under 2 and can make all of you jump when she says! I just love her little face and she really does have a gentle little spirit even if she "knows what she wants"!!! It was such a pleasure spending the morning with the 4 of you!

Be sure and keep it quiet everyone, these photos are going to be a surprise for dad. I know these sneek peeks are such a tease Amy, I will have your gallery up VERY quickly!

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