Monday, May 26, 2008

Jason & Becca.... ENGAGED!!!

MY FAV: (below)
I can hardly wait for this wedding, which is coming up very quickly! Once in awhile you have a couple or a family, or person who you just know it's the "right fit" and you should be their photographer.... well that's what I have here!!!

I have known Becca for about 10 years. I worked with her about 10 years ago and then have seen her periodically throughout the years. Interestingly enough we all just ran into each other by chance and I found out they were getting married and well the rest is history! Time has flown so fast, I cannot believe the wedding is just around the corner!

Jason I am so so so sorry for you that you have to raise these two BEAUTIFUL girls of yours!!! I only apologize because you are going to be sooo busy beating the boys off your girls!!! They are just gorgeous! I told them today that I am going to have to remember them when I need some models for photoshoots because both of them are just stunning and absolutly natural in front of the camera! Becca you are going to be such a great step-mom!!! Those girls just adore you and I can see it in your eyes the feeling is mutual! Jason your a lucky guy, but we also know your a great guy too, so they are all just as lucky as you!
When I left their session today, I couldn't wait until I got home to look at their pictures so I pulled through a drive through to grab something to drink and I got caught up in looking at all the great pics that I have cars honking at me to move in the drive through!!! You know it's going to be good when something like that happens!!!!!
But... just check out these! I have your session done and just about ready to have up for you guys!!! Watch your email tomorrow, I cannot wait for you to see the proofs!!!

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