Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yesterday I met up with the Haft family! This adorable family has one beautiful little girl named Ashley and twin 2 year old boys!!! As you can imagine they did a great job of keeping me and both of their parents on our toes! They are your typical boys who are 100% all boy and into the rocks, digging, cars, running and having a great time!
We started out at my grandparents farm where we hoped we could just maybe grab a quick semi-posed family picture.... yeah I bet you can imagine how successful that was with two little guys who would really rather do anything but take a "still" picture! This family was great to work with a did a great job just going with the flow, I guess that's something that you just get used to when you have a beautiful young and busy family!
I HONESTLY cannot tell these two little guys apart for the life of me. I was relieved to hear that even mom and dad have trouble when they look back at pictures they had taken last year! They aren't sure if they are actually identical... but honestly how could two people look SO much alike and not be identical!
Thank You, Art, Michelle, Ashley, Logan, & Tyler for hanging out with me! I hope you enjoy your sneek peek! I will get your proofs up ASAP!

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