Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More fun!

I LOVE this pic of Teresa and Brandon!!! I am one of those people who is a "watcher". I just naturally watch people and read body language. It's really just part of who I am. What I LOVE about these two are they are obviously still so in love. It's so awesome to see when you have a family with 2 small children, so often "life" takes over and in the busyness as we all know... is easy to get lost in. T & B your love for each other is such a nice breath of fresh air! Keep smilin' and having fun together! You are so great together.... your love also shines through in your kids.

As you will be able to see, a couple of the people in this sneek peek are from the session posted previously. I am so proud of Teresa (from Salon Breathe, of course!), she got both sides of her and her husbands family together and they toughed out 2 sessions in one day! We did Brandon's fam in the morning and then Teresa's fam in the afternoon. The cool thing about both of these is we just stayed right in their own yards to do these! I love it when we can keep people in their comfort zone, it really does have a tendency to keep people "relaxed" looking in pics!

This Bendele family is just as gorgeous as the Boone family... no wonder Teresa and Brandon have AMAZINGLY stunning children!

You will notice they had the idea to pose in front of the DUMP TRUCK!!! Again another first for me! I love not knowing where my day is going to go... it turned out as a really great background, I like that it kinda tells the story of "them"! Teresa's dad owns Bendele Construction in Cement City so if you have any needs for his type of thing.... be sure to check them out, they are great people!
Check out Brandon's tatoo's he wanted to make sure they were visible! Nice posing on your part Brandon!!! He would being a artist who does tatoos! I hear he does some amazing tatoo's, im sure if you give Teresa a call at the Salon she would be more than happy to put you in contact with him!
While we were there shooting, Teresa's grandpa stopped by, so since we had a 4 generation (of all boys) at that... we grabbed a couple quick shots! How cute was Great Grandpa holding Dylan?!

Lastly, the girls all hopped inside a big tube type thing... errrr maybe a huge drain... yeah I am SO not construction minded... (ya think) ;-) ?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Bri threw her hands around her momma and Aunt Michelle for a little pose and we didn't even ask her too... Nice Job Bri!!!

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