Sunday, June 29, 2008

A quick peek!

These three adorable children are cousins! The boys are brothers and then the little girl is their cousin. We met up at Hidden Lake Garden's for a quick photo shoot. It was SUCH beautiful day. The thing I love about Hidden Lake Garden's is that it never looks the same! With all the changing greenery it changes so quickly!

Little miss K loves her older cousin E and spent the morning following him around! I thought it was so cute that she was so attached to him. These photos are for their grandma who lives on the other side of the state! I'm sure she will just love these photos of the kiddos! Who wouldn't?! K is such an adorable little girl and 2 handsome boys! Enjoy your sneek peek!!!


Anonymous said...

You captured my grandchildren beautifully! We have always said Cousins "E" and "Miss K" are "two peas in a pod." Thank you for picking up on their special bond. I loved all my sneak peek pictures.
The Grandma from the other side of the State!

Wendy Martin Photography said...

Love the first pic! Nice work!

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