Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Goings Family

Such a fun family photo shoot! I met up with this cute little family and let me tell you I could completely relate to a fraction of the busyness this family must endure everyday! These kids were all just as sweet as could be and their personalities varied greatly!
Little Brandon reminded me so much of my little guy whos is the same age. He was NON-STOP I am amazed (I think dad will be too :-) that I was able to catch him when he wasn't moving... good thing my camera is FAST! I had to use the continuous shutter of 6 frames per second to catch him NOT moving! LOL Told you... fun times!
The easiest one of the bunch had to be sweet little Catherine. She is 11 months old and just about as happy as they come. I felt super relaxed while shooting her pics, you can tell she is just a go with the flow kind of girl.
And last but not least is little miss Delaney... one of my favorite names in the world! Delaney is just turning 4 and look how little and petite she is... just precious! She wasn't crazy about being in front of the camera, however every now and then she would let loose and we would get a true Delaney smile!
It was an absoulte pleasure meeting you all! Your proofs will be available today!!!

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