Saturday, November 8, 2008

Officially Introducing...

I have gone round and round with myself for when would be the best time to introduce this official kick off of Boudior Photography. Well... it's obvious that I have decided that now is the TIME!! Just in time for Christmas. Girls, this will make a fantastic gift for that special guy who is so difficult to buy for!
I have done a few Boudoir sessions and I can honestly tell you my clients leave feeling so glad they did this. My passion is to make you feel comfortable, feminine, and glamourous. My artistic approach is simple: Capturing the beauty of women; Capturing a look, a moment, through fine art photography.
Boudoir Photography is really catching on in the Photography world... that can only mean one thing... I am here to help you capture just what you are looking for!
Planning a Session
Whether you are looking to give a gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just because.
A pre-session consultation is held before all sessions to discuss your vision with regards to poses, clothing and location options. This consultation can be held in person or over the phone and helps facilitate a better portrait session by discussing your expectations in advance.
Additional Services should you wish to have your makeup professionally applied, or hair styled, are available for an additional charge.

The Session
Please alot plenty of time to enjoy your session. The photo session typically lasts between one to two hours, with unlimited images captured, clothing changes and scene changes as time permits.
All sessions are personalized to your wishes. Boudoir means different things to different people and can range from being fully clothed to semi-nude to nudes. Please remember this is ALL in good taste and elegance. My goal is to create a comfortable environment for you to express yourself the way you want. If you're looking for intimate and tasteful photographs that capture your true beauty, call Touch of Love today!
The Boudoir session is a place where inhibitions disappear, a place where your allure and sensuality are revealed in elegant and tasteful fine art portraits. Boudoir photography is all about attitude and little to do with your age, figure or clothing. Body language and facial expressions are the key to having beautiful portraits. Your session can be at my home (Touch of Love), your home, or a private location of your choice. Sessions last up to two hours and are customized to meet your wishes--it's your time to let loose and have fun. Before your shoot, relax in a setting dimly lit by candles, while enjoying a glass of wine.
Now you can probably see why I hesitated on launching this option, however, I feel that this is a very important avenue where women should feel proud of who they are and create a special treat for their spouse, signficant other, or themself!
Lastly, my final hope is that Boudoir Photography may even branch into couples sensual Photography. I realize this is not for everyone.... however... if you are intersted... Give it a try. I promise your expecations will be met and the last thing you will feel is disappointed in your session! Come on girls! This WILL be fun and HE will be amazed at the incredible gift you have created JUST.FOR.HIM.
Please contact me @ or by phone 517-315-1115

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