Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bittersweet Milestones

"Miss Dah-leens" gift
I HAD to have a picture of his last day, but he gave me a big fat Nooooooo... If you know him, you know the sound and look of that "Nooooooo"!

It cracks me up that he still had "puffy eyes" this morning. Something he inherited from his grandpa Carpenter. It's like their upper eyelids swell while they sleep! lol

Another big milestone here at our house today. My little guy Carson has completed his first year of preschool. It wasn't too sad for mom, simply because I know he will go there again next year, but I couldn't help but think on my way to take him this morning how much he has grown... again... over the past 9 months.

This preschool year started off a little rough... I knew that it would be a huge adjustment for him, but he was excited to go. He cried for the first few months when I would drop him off, and then some things within the preschool changed... one teacher left and the director was left to pick up the pieces. "Miss Dah-leen" as Carson has called her until about a week ago when he decided he could say, "DARLENE"! I kinda hate that he's loosing the babyish sounds... but I know it's necessary... again bittersweet. Carson lets very few people into his little "circle of people" (seriously maybe 5 adults really "know" him), but Miss Dahleen was able to break through his walls and he just adores her. Once things got back to a new normal within the preschool, Carson began to absolutely thrive. He was excited to get there everyday, began talking with us about his friends there, and even started to sing songs to us that he was learning... UNHEARD of. Anything that draws attention to this kid, he wants nothing to do with, so you can imagine my surprise and sheer joy.

I have told her many times, but again... publically... "Miss Dah-leen" thank you so much for enabling the opportunity for my son to thrive in your preschool! We are so appreciative of everything and look forward to another great year next year @ Treasured Minds Montessori Preschool ;-)

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