Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loved this Post .... wanted to share it with you.

if you love someone, hurry up and show it.
if you have family or friends to forgive, forgive them now.
beach family | virginia family portraits

if you have childhood memories worth savoring or childhood friends worth calling, call them now.
if your mother, father, sister or brother is/are still living, start a fresh new relationship with them now.
miss m & her momma

if someone already died before you could tell them what you wanted to tell them...go ahead and tell them now.
if there are children in your life, give them the positive experiences that you may have missed as a child--
and do it now.

if you have a dream that is calling you to the heights, follow it now.
there are only so many tomorrows...
dreaming ...

if you have special talents, gifts, abilities or energies to give, give them now.
if there's a cause in your community worth standing for--or a battle worth fighting for--fight for it now.

if you can help make someone else's dream come true, help it come true now.
if there is some kindness you can show to the people around you, show it now.

~from the book, One
all photos from the TML flickr pool

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Indigo said...

this is such an inspiring post :) I had a massive argument with my best friend the other night... I'm going to call him and apologise now :) thank you. and the photography is beautiful and will definatly inspire my work :) Indigo x

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