Sunday, May 23, 2010

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If you are an upcoming bride of mine, it won't surprise you to hear how much I adore the work of a Jasmine Star. She's an amazing photographer.... sooooo talented and I often look to her for inspiration. Everytime I see her interviewed I am always in awe how she is able to put into words the thoughts that I try to get across to my wedding couples. See, she just has this "way" with people and personally (outside of the technical part) I think that's why she has the most amazing photos of her clients. Now... let's be upfront... I am NO Jasmine Star... the girl is FABULOUS, but she's someone I really admire the way she runs her business and look up to for her style of photography.

She recently did a interview with The Knot on their webiste. It's a recorded one, so you can watch it anytime here.

A couple of things that really impacted me from her interview... She talks about having a relationship with your photographer... this is so important to me. If you know me, I really want to and NEED to be involved with my clients whose wedding I am photographing, prior to the BIG DAY! Establishing that relationship is key for good photos. It's really tough to show up on your wedding day having never met you and try to capture who you each are and your relationship... having this established prior is ideal! Not always possible with distances sometimes... but you would be surprised how much emails and phone calls can accomplish when we work together. One of my famous lines is, "I don't want to be a drive by photographer, where I show up, shoot your photos, and leave... no part of my heart invested other that pics... INSTEAD, I really DO want to hear about what you are planning, why you chose what you did, how you feel about your fiance', and how excited you are". Truly guys.... that is just as important as picking up my camera.

The other thing I thought was really important... consider natural light... If you hire me as your photographer, you are likely hiring me partially on some of the natural light images you have seen. Planning your day (ceremony times/photo times) around the ambient light is sooo important. Those natural light photos you love, are almost always planned by where the light is at, at that particular time of the day. If you are a bride and we get a mostly cloudy day for your wedding (and im not talking rain, thankyouverymuch ;-) ) you know you will have a very happy photographer. I love the clouds when they cooperate with us! Now if I could just figure out how to let God allow me to be in control of the clouds on wedding days, we would be all set! ;-)

Cheers all! Hope your weekend is going great!

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