Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Atkin family and fun! - Adrian, MI Family Photographer

The adorable little family has so much personality! It was so much fun hanging out with them last week for their session. Little Olivia's curls and sparkly brown eyes are so gorgeous that it just draws you to her in an instant. And see my little man Aiden? Oh ya, what do you know about Spiderman and web blasters? Most of those smiles are a direct result of "throwing" webs at each other for an hour! It's a treat for me when I get to do sessions that include kids the same age as my own. Aiden and my little Carson are 1 day apart we figured out, which is just too cool because I have never met anyone with the same date of birth, let alone even remotely close! It's so simple for me to relate when it's an age and stage I am used to, so truly... it was a BLAST! literally! ;-)

Thank you so much Atkin family. It was truly a pleasure meeting you all!!! Hope your first week back in the swing of all things school is going well!

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