Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chase Alexander - Jackson, MI newborn photographer

Oh goodness! This was a GREAT newborn shoot! Newborn sessions can take a long time and this one did but it wasn't because the baby wasn't cooperative! He was an absolute gem!

After I spent the first 20 minutes just snuggling with this little ball of snuggles, we started his session with some classic stuff and curly newborn goodness, but near the end, his daddy decided to pull out all the stops and Christian (daddy) you were THE BEST! Chase's daddy is really into... ummm what do you call it... like street car racing... you know making your street car the baddest... ya, that stuff, so he pulled out all the fun stuff and we laid Chase on that roller thing! Too cute...

The motorcycle picture made me an absolute wreck! This is baby Chase's mom's motorcycle and I absolutely LOVE this shot! He looks so happy laying there doesnt he?! What you can't see, is his dad is behind him holding onto him with a promise to me and his momma that he wouldn't let go ;-)

Thank you Christian and Kelsey for a WONDERFUL session. You two are going make amazing parents, Chase is a lucky little guy!!! Anytime Chase needs a good snuggle in, just give me a call!

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