Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh that Morgan - Machester, MI Photographer

Ahhh... it's so hard for me to even put down in words how amazing this sweet girl is. Her momma is one of my brides from last year (see the gorgeous bride on the blog header above). They used to live in Kansas City but lucky for us, they have moved back this way!!! I was so excited to do Morgan's pictures so when I got texts from her mom the week prior that included photos of Morgan in her boots and adorable cowboy hat, needless to say... I was GEEKED!

Morgan is so much like her mom in the sense that... you put them in front of the camera, it's the most natural thing in the world. A photographer's dream really.

This was my first session to include a horse, so I would be lying if I said I wasn't at all nervous. I have spent my fair share of hours in the barn with my daughter Kenedey, when she is taking riding lessons, so it wasn't the horse that bothered me... the nerves, for me, were more about how would I capture a beautiful animal and little girl all in the same frame ;-)

Turns out it was very natural and just felt like a chance to be outside with 2 of my favorite girls and a horse named Justin! We had to keep him from eating grass and since Ginger already sold me out on facebook I would be a fool not to share my true need for comfort when I tell you ... I was a total genius when I wore FLIP FLOPS to the session. Yes, I said Flip Flops... who does that to a barn session?! Apparently me!

Anyway... thank you so much girls for another wonderful session. You two are total rockstars in my world and I am so lucky to be able to say we started our relationship as business and now I count you as friends! Hugs!

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