Thursday, September 16, 2010

I count them all as my heros. - Tecumseh, MI Photographer

I have tried to find the words to share how much this session meant to me as both a photographer and just a mom/friend/person in general. The biggest pride I take in my business, definitely has to be the relationships and connection I make with lots of clients. I don't take it lightly that you are asking me to capture a moment in time of the people you love. This session was no different, however... it was definitely bittersweet.

From the photos, you will see a BEAUTIFUL baby girl (Brooklyn) and her sister Taylor, whos eyes sparkle so... that it gives me chills. Taylor has the sweetest demeanor just like her momma. And little Brooklyn, is such a little peanut! She weighs in at roughly 7.5 lbs at 3.5 months old. You might notice she has a scar on her chest. To say this amazing family has endured a lot over the past few months would be the understatement of the year.

About 6 months ago a past client of mine, Jennifer, contacted me to purchase a gift certificate for her friend who was expecting twins. I was head over heels with excitement to do those photos. 3.5 months ago, Cathy delivered two beautiful little girls, Makinsey and Brooklyn. The twins were hospitalized but were doing well. After about a week, they found that both girls were having some heart problems and both were transferred to a larger hospital for more care. Both girls were in the NICU and later underwent heart surgery. My heart ached each time I saw Cathy (moms) facebook status updates... to see those tiny girls enduring so much was heart wrenching... but it must be said, their parents (Cathy and Dan) held on tight and were along for the ride with heads held high. Their spirits and determination were amazing to say the least. The girls had lots of ups and downs with the surgery and care over those months.

On August 8th, Sweet baby Makinsey got her wings and now looks over her beautiful family from heaven. In the words of her mommy, she is now at peace. I know it goes without saying, but she is so missed by everyone. Here she is, photo taken by mommy the week she was born.
Now you might understand why I count this family as some of my heros. Finally, after a LONG wait, I got the opportunity to meet Dan, Cathy, Taylor and baby Brooklyn! Oh my goodness... what a strong family. Cathy had the wonderful idea of including Makinsey in her twin sisters photos. We tried to get creative with ideas. Definitely bittersweet because the fact that Brooklyn has come SO far deserves to be documented and praised. I kept thinking as I was looking through my photos, the amount of physical endurance and life changes she has been through in her short little life is more than most of us adults can say... yet she still smiled at me many times through her session! Brooklyn, your life is such a symbol of hope and love. I am sure you will do big things. It's already evident what a sweet spirit you have and I know you will carry your sisters memory with you forever with the help of your beautiful family. The photo of Brooklyn above clinging to the teddy bear... that bear belongs to Makinsey. Makinsey, we all miss you so much, but your legacy will not be forgotten. I am sure your sisters will need you to look over them throughout the years... with a spirit of determination that Brooklyn has... it might get her into trouble someday! ;-)

To the Wimple family... I want you to know what an honor it has been meeting you all. Thank you for sharing your girls with me! I look forward to watching Brooklyn grow! She's amazing.


Mom2Twins said...

I am a mother to twins. Twin boys who are now 4. David was born with a heart defect and had heart surgery. I did not have to suffer the loss like this family did but I do know the pain of watching your child go through such.

Kristie Chadwick said...

What an amazing family! As a mother of a 28 week premature baby who is know a happy healthy 3yr my heart really goes out to the family! You captured such wonderful images I am sure they will cherish forever.

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