Friday, September 24, 2010

Kelly & Steve Engaged! - Chelsea, MI Photographer

Kelly and Steve's story started a get together with some friends. They chatted that evening and had some drinks.... Steve showed some interest in Kelly and somehow the conversation turned to... let's go for a run together in the morning. Kelly was certain Steve wouldn't meet her in the morning at 10:30 after a late night.... she was right!

Around 11:30 or 12, Kelly got a phone call from a frantic and apologetic Steve. Many I am SO sorry's later they met for that run. If you know Kelly... you know she's tough and doesn't put up with much crap! So... her punishment for him for being late and making her feel like he wasn't serious about the promised meeting time... she made him run 5... Yes FIVE miles with her! According to Steve, he had never run more than a mile and a half at a time and "she dragged his butt the entire way"!

Good news is... lucky for Kelly, Steve survived the run and obviously a few more dates! These two compliment each other so perfectly. They have so much fun together, don't take life too serious, and truly just enjoy each others company.

This session taught me a lesson... Never ask a "bride to be" to jump off from a 3 foot wall, because they REALLY want these great photos and will put themselves in danger if I ask them to.

I asked them to jump and Kelly had her shoes off... pretty sure she fractured her heel :-( There's a first time for everything. Lesson learned!!!

I am so excited for their big day next year! Let's get to the wedding date asap... that way, I will know winter is OVER!

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