Monday, September 8, 2008

Here we go.....

Contest time again!!!

Well as you know we are making some changes over here at Touch of Love Photography. All in an effort to keep and make all you wonderful clients happy! So, I decided I would start with a big kickoff for our Bebe' Collection. Now, I know your wondering what the heck is a Bebe' Collection.

I have had the awesome prividlege of photographing so many adorable babies over the past few months. I'm not sure if it's something in the water with all these babies, but whatever it is... I like it!!! If you know me... you know I love babies (since I am all through with having my kids, I love to snuggle and squeeze yours while they are still little)!!! So I talked with many of my clients/parents and got some info from all of you on what would be helpful or things you would want from your child's session. The number one answer I got was; I want to be able to do my child's pictures more often. So, here is my way of helping to accomadate just that. Indroducing the: Bebe' Collection

Here's what's in it for you!

$100 covers four sessions. Choose from; Newborn, 3,6,9, or 12 months. You have a choice of 4 out of the 5 different ages listed.
You will receive 1 free 8x10 print from each session and a 20% discount from your final prints at each session.
All prints are kept on file for an entire year. At your child’s 1 year mark you have the opportunity to have Touch of Love Photography create an album to display at his/her first birthday party which basically shows all of the images we capture from all 4 sessions. This album is eligible for your 20% discount.
Location(s) of your choice and a guarantee that you are happy with your proof choices, will reshoot if ever necessary, offers peace of mind for fussy babies
Include anyone/any props you want in your child’s session(s). Unlimited outfit changes. Flexible time schedule, we want you to enjoy and experience your session, rather than feeling stressed!
Password protected online proofs you can share with whomever you choose to assist you in the ordering process.

Now, on to the contest part of the fun!

I spent some time trying to think of what would be a fun way to do a contest and here's how we are going to do this:

Let's have a beautiful baby contest! I really wanted to do something that would incorporate a baby into the Bebe' Collection so we could feature that child for their entire first year that you all chose. However, I realize that's really not possible because there are just too many people who deserve an entry and I don't want to leave out anyone.

So here are the rules:

  • Anyone can enter, but we will have ONE winner. You can be a current client, past client, or future client :-)

  • You have to enter either YOUR baby picture or your child's baby picture. See last bullet for entry options (Gotta stick with model release rules, even if you are 100 years old and you think you have a cute baby picture... send it my way!)
  • If you win, you can use your winning's towards any photoshoot (except weddings). It does NOT have to be just a Bebe' Collection. However... if it does come down to it where we can have a new baby, then you will recieve a Bebe' Collection as a gift. You could give this as a gift to someone.
  • If you win and the Bebe' Collection isn't a "fit" for this time in your life, then no problem, here's what you get; a free session, 1 free 8x10, 8 free wallets, and 1 free 5x7.
  • Lastly, you have to enter the contest. There are 2 ways you can do this. You can email me your picture: or send your picture in via snail mail and I will scan it and post it.
  • Then.... on Tues. Sept 16 2008 at midnight, I will close the contest entry. On Thursday Sept 18, 2008, I will post a poll for you all to VOTE! Then, after 48 hours, we will close the voting and whomever has the most votes... WINS!!!

So it's now 11:35pm on Monday Sept. 9 and you don't have tons of time, so get those baby pictures out and let's get them submitted!!!

As always... best of luck!

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