Saturday, September 6, 2008

I <3 Baby Sam!

Ok I know it's so cliche' to say that babies grow so fast, but honestly I feel like it was last week that I was at Angie's house taking her belly photos! Baby Sam is part of the NEW improved Bebe' Collection (formerly known as; Grow with me Plan). I will be doing some features/specials here on my blog over the next few weeks for the launch of my new Bebe' collection, so stay tuned.

Basically, Angie did the Belly to Baby sessions and now she has moved on to the Bebe' Collection! Over the next 9 months you will get to see this adorable little guy for a total of 4 more times! If any of you expecting or new moms are interested in this type of deal, be sure to contact me for more information. It's a GREAT deal and a awesome way to capture your little one through their first year!

First of all... tell me... HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN in such a SHORT amount of time? Little Sam's mommy is always so great about coming up with ideas and being so willing to try anything during their session. I love when my client's come back, it's so nice that they know what to expect in a session and the whole process. However, most of all, I enjoy getting to know them so well! I kinda feel a little special place in my heart for these babies that I get to photograph over a year! Little Sammy hardly resembles that little baby I saw just a few short months ago.

So... i've rambled enough as usual... I know your thinking... get to the pics already... so without further hesitation... Here he is!!!!


Angie said...

Beautiful as always. I can't wait for his 6 month session.

Steff said...

Angie so adorable! Check out my girls - your mom has ther password!

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