Friday, September 12, 2008

Just for Tyler

Some of you my know, others may not... I have this INCREDIBLE photography assistant, Tyler! Tyler has been my sidekick at weddings this summer and has done an amazing job capturing images that fit my standards. As a photographer, it's extremely difficult for me to give up control of how I want images captured at weddings. However, Tyler has made it so easy for me because he has proved that I can trust him to put his heart and soul into capturing just what I am after when I can't be in 2 places at once. It's been great also because we both have different strenghts and weaknesses in different areas so its a great mix of talent! Tyler, thank you so much for all your help this wedding season. I sincerely appreciate it, and could not have done it without you... or had nearly as much fun! All of you be sure to head on over to Tyler's new blog and give him a shout out and welcome him to the blog world!
These pics are just some quick shots we did the other night for a picture he needed for a pass. Be sure to check back soon for his Senior Pics! :-)

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KeKe said...

Ty and Kari...The two of you are incredible together. Kari, I want to THANK YOU so very much for giving Tyler the opportunity to work along side of you. You took him under you're wing and gave him the chance to experience this wonderful talent...full heartedly. You deserve more than a big Thank You. Bye and Thank You again,
Ty'z Mom

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