Sunday, June 14, 2009

Allie! Senior Rep!

Meet Allie. She is such a sweet girl and was up for absoultely anything.
She's a busy girl and involved in all sorts of activies, work, friends and family... you name it! I especially love it that she works in a little coffee shop in her hometown of Tecumseh... what a fun job, I always thought being a coffee barista would be so much fun. Thank you Allie for workin' the camera! You did such a great job and your outfit selections couldn't have been better!

If you know Allie, be sure and ask her how you can get free wallets with your Senior 2010 session!
p.s. My new website will launch VERY soon... Im so ticked at blogger because it really does something to your pictures... takes color and quality... YUCK! Blogger, WE are NOT friends for that very reason!

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