Thursday, June 11, 2009

I love when they come back!

I first met this adorable little family last fall for extended family photos. I have had the opportunity to photograph them a total of 3 times know. I cant help it but I am amazed each time I see them how much they each have changed! Kyle, their mom, must get sick of me saying things like, "omg, look how much Emma's hair has grown, and Owen, he's gotten so much taller, and then Megan... she's walking already?!!!!"

I am so blessed to get to do this job and watch families grow and change... it never gets old! Anyway... Little Miss Megan (you might remember her as a winner in our February contest), is turning ONE.YEAR.OLD. ALREADY!!! She is getting around so well and is such an easy going little girl! It was a challenge to get some good shots of her face because she was all about discovering everything around her! She has these beautiful long femine hands and was pointing to and touch everything... SO sweet.

Her big sister Emma is absolutely stunning! She has those (for lack of a better term) sleepy, soft and gorgeous eyes. I just love to photograph her... she has such a innocence about her and the camera gravitates towards her! She will be starting Kindergarten this fall!!! How fun!
Big Brother Owen is an amazing big brother, it's not uncommon for him to plant kissess on his little sisters and everytime I see him, he is so gentle and loving with both of them. He carries around little Megan like she is his best little buddy... such a fun relationship between all of them. I have a feeling mom might say it's not always that way... but let me tell you... everytime I see them... it's consistenly that way. I so enjoy watching their love for each other.

It was wonderful meeting up with you all the other day. It was just what I needed after a stressful day at the hospital with my grandma's recent cancer diagnosis... so THANK YOU for just being you! I don't think I can express how thankful I am to have this creative outlet... it really does give me a great sense of hope and peace!

Happy FIRST birthday Megan!!!

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