Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bebe' 2 Bus - CJ age 2! - Jackson, MI Children's Photographer

These Bebe' 2 Bus sessions always make me so proud of the commitment these families have made to consistently do photo sessions from ages 18 months to 5 years. This was CJ's 2nd session of his Bebe' 2 Bus Program, and he has DEFINITELY changed in the last few months. When we did his 18 month session last fall, he was walking, but not really into interacting with the camera. He just sort of did his own thing! This time... oh he interacted all right! He actually played and enjoyed himself and then... when he was done with me bugging him, he let me know in his own little way. He kinda errr REALLY yelled at me. He hasn't formed all the words yet, but I am pretty sure he told me, "get your camera out of my face so I can just play"!!! It was actually pretty comical and he had done an excellent job of letting me follow him around and try to chat with him! We got some wonderful stuff from his session and even included a few of his parents and his BEAUTIFUL sister Meris. Meris just graduated from Preschool and will be attending Kindergarten in the fall (tear). How do these kids grow so fast and where does the time go?!

Thank you Lacinski family! It's always a pleasure being with your family and watching the kiddos grow!

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Design Actually said...

Beautiful photos, you got some really great shots of them!

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