Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Things Creative by Rachel - Wedding Coordinator Extraodinarre!

It was HOT, HUMID and I believe the heat index was roughly 115 degrees. You might remember how uncomfortable July 4, 2010 was in the lovely state of Michigan! Our blood is thick from the majority of cold we have here, so when it's 95 degree's it feels like... oh 150!

I have to be honest here... over the last year, I have kind of lost my excitement for wedding coordinators (stay with me)... I have just watched several of my brides hire them only to feel disappointed in the money they spent on what they thought they were getting and then didn't. I was always a BIG advocate of hiring one and felt that would let you, the wedding couple, enjoy and relish in all that your day would become. However, after a few let downs I felt like maybe I shouldn't be telling/pushing my couples implying that coordinators are a must have kind of thing.

BUT... as of today... my mind is changed!!! Remember how I said it felt like it was 150 degrees? How would you like to iron table linens for a reception venue OUTSIDE on a day like that?

NO LIE, that's EXACTLY what Rachel and Dan Cytacki of All Things Creative by Rachel did on July 4th. One thing that really stood out to me that I heard Rachel say to Maggie (the bride) at the rehearsal just as they were leaving for the evening... "Maggie, if you need anything tomorrow, please just let us know. Shoot us a text, call, yell. Whatever you need, we are here for you and we want you to just enjoy your day." Now that might sound pretty simple and like "well ya Kari, isn't that a coordinators job?"

Well, yes, I guess that it is, but the way it was said was entirely genuine and their follow through on the event was top notch. The details of this wedding were everywhere, and Ryan and Maggie the couple did a phenomenal job of preparing everything. Dan and Rachel jumped right in and helped make Ryan and Maggie's vision all fall into place with complete professionalism and grace. Well, maybe grace isn't the perfect word for Dan, at one point I walked from the house outside to the venue site, and Dan was walking away with a shovel and a dead bird who had apparently had a mishap with a window. LOL See what I mean... if it needs to be done, this is the team you want on your side, getting it accomplished... even if it's the bird.

So upcoming brides and grooms to be... if you need some assistance in the full planning process, coordination, floral, linens, a officiant (that's Dan), or even stationary... I promise you, this team will not let you down. I recommend them without one bit of reservation.

Dan and Rachel, it was an absolute pleasure to work the Baldwin/Cobbins wedding with you. I really feel like I was able to capture some great shots of the love those two share and I know a lot of the stress was lifted from them when you stepped in to pull it all together. What a GREAT day!

I grabbed a couple quick photos of the two of them because often times when you are behind the scenes it's tough to get a shot "on the job" ;-)

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