Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weston turns ONE!!! Jackson, MI Photographer

This last year has been an absolute joy getting know Weston and watch him grow into... dare I say toddler?!
I remember his newborn session very well, this tiny sweet baby who was really fussy but sooo cuddly and sweet. I remember going back for a second shoot with him a few days later and he did beautifully. His mom later told me that she was super worked up/nervous about how things would go and maybe he was just feeling her emotions... plus all you momma's know all about those post pardom hormones! She of course had no need to be nervous, but I share that with all of you new momma's just so you are not alone if you are nervous for your newborn session... just let me take matters into my hands and you just sit back, relax, watch, let me play with your newborn, you just sit back and take in these moments... they are certainly fleeting. I promise I will hand him/her over when it's time for a feeding or mommy snuggle time. Onto Weston's 3 month session... it was Fall 2009... I was SHOCKED at how much he had grown and changed. I think back to that session a lot because I have considered cutting out one of the Bebe' Collection settings (I offer 4 with the program, but considered only offering 3)... but Weston changing SO much made me realize I really need to leave that option open. He had this beautiful toothless grin, bright blue eyes, and those cheeks!!! I could have kissed em' all day long!
His third sesison, he became the "Fedora hat baby". I have had so many clients tell me that the photo with the Fedora hat was such a cute picture. So yes, Weston IS the "Fedora baby"! I will likely always remember him that way! He really couldn't stand, but somehow we propped him up between his mom and the tree and he flashed those big blue eyes and again that smile... this time sportin' a few new teeth :-)

And now... we have made it to his first year in a FLASH. I got a little teary eyed editing his final Bebe' Collection session because he is so big and toddlerish, and it is just so bittersweet... where do all those days go?It was a wonderful final session. Just Weston, his mom, and I took him to the park and just got to focus on just him and I think it was a great bonding time for him and his mommy too. He has a big sister... who by the way is a DOLL in front of the camera... but sometimes it's just nice to give each one a little bit of time to shine on their own... and SHINE he did! So glad he has held onto those cheeks! This was from his cake session. It was the first time I have done a cake session outside... and I have to say, it was actually great! He could not have enjoyed himself more! He was so into it and would just look at us and smile every few seconds... perfect for some GREAT shots!!
Happy First Birthday Weston. It has been such an amazing journey watching you and your adoring family this past year! Love and hugs!

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