Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Chase's parents ;-) - Brooklyn, MI Maternity Photographer

I had such an amazing time with Kelsey and Christian. I met Kelsey last year at a bridal show and really didn't even get the chance to talk to her, but... every photo I took of her, she looked amazing in. It's true, some people really have a way with the camera, and Kelsey is definitely one of those lucky ones. Put me on that side of the camera and it's a train wreck, so Kelsey... YOU are my hero. It's not easy when it's 90 degrees outside, sun is blazing, your 9 months pregnant and feeling it. Can I just say... ROCKSTAR? seriously internet... is there a better word, because it just doesn't get much better than this!
Baby Chase is a lucky little guy and has wonderful parents with a unique love for each other just waiting to meet him! I have to tell the story for memory's sake... I asked Kelsey and Christian how they met, it's obvious to me they have a really neat connection between the two of them just watching them it makes you all happy. It's a really comfortable protected by each other kind of thing... and if you know me... you know... I LOVE LOVE. Anyway, my point... they told me when I asked, that they met on an online dating site... and I giggled a little, but it's funny because lately, a lot of my new clients have met that way. The last wedding I did, was a e-harmony couple and Kelsey and Christian now... they were Plenty of Fish... so internet... don't knock the whole online dating thing, because it's two for two in my world and im lovin' it!
Alright baby Chase... feel free to make your appearance any day now, your mom and dad are ready! ;-)

Thank you K & C for being so wiling to try anything... you are the best!
Oh, and lastly... I can't forget to give a shout out over to the girls at Kelsey's work Patrone's Day Spa & Salon. They were so kind to give her the gift certificate for the belly 2 bebe' package! If you are in the Brooklyn, MI area, and need a great place to get your hair done... Patrone's is the place!

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