Friday, July 16, 2010

Sometimes we do things... JUST.FOR.FUN. - Jackson, MI photographer

My 13 year old has been at church camp all week and it's LATE at night and I am awake because I am so excited to go get her first thing in the morning that I can't sleep! ahhhhhh.... Thank you God for coffee in the morning! Who needs sleep anyway?

I was ordering a proof book for this family, and I came across these images, I had forgotten all about them in the busyness of the last few weeks of summer session... nothing says summer like....


I had visions of smiles and fun while they ate their watermelon.... BUT... they were SO hungry by the time we sat down to eat it... that they were serious about eating and even devoured it!!! Owen was hungry on his way to the session, but mom wouldn't stop to get him something to eat because she was worried about him getting something on his clothes!!! Little did she know, I had this little watermelon trick up my sleeve... and they got LOTS of watermelon on those clothes. I had to tease Kyle (their mom) for not feeding her kids... it seemed they had not eaten in about 3 months ;-) Kidding of course!

But this just brings up a point I should share with you anyway. I remember doing the same thing with my kids when we would go get photos taken over the last 13 years... don't MOVE because you might wrinkle or spill or get dirt on that picture outfit I would say to Kenedey.... and they look SO cute when they are all coiffed!

Well, that's the beauty of Photoshop (and im not afraid to use it)... especially with the little toddler sized kiddos. When their hungry... it's a lot more difficult to get happiness and smiles out of them when their bellies are growling... so... if you need to feed them after they are dressed and in the car or whatever the senerio, do it (note to parents though... stay away from things like teether biscuts or really messy things)! I really don't mind having to edit a spot or two off their clothes... its MUCH easier to do than forcing smiles that aren't natural. You will thank me for it... I PROMISE!

Goodnight everyone... I am off to try to sleep through the excitement!

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