Sunday, August 29, 2010


Every time I hear the word Housekeeping, I think of an Adam Sandler movie... can't pinpoint at this moment exactly which movie, but it's his voice in a silly way and he sounds like a girl... "housekeeping" first one to leave a comment and tell me which movie that is, wins a free 8x10!

Anyway... why am I talking about housekeeping? I have been doing some internal housekeeping here at Touch of Love Photography. Ya, I have been washing a lot of backdrops and blankets after newborn sessions, but not THAT kind of housekeeping! The kind of housekeeping that keeps things fresh and new around here!
I am working on a new blog header, a REAL website, and a new tag line! I have had my tagline for quite sometime, but really haven't found the right place to incorporate it to my business. I feel like I am at a place in my photography where it's really time to solidify some of those things... so I figured it's time to share what's coming with all of you... my fave's, my clients!

Let's talk about the website first. My friend Tim Schoch is brilliant, and so talented when it comes to websites. He contacted me a few weeks ago and wondered if I was interested in a website. I'm a BIG believer in, "why fix something when it's broke?" I was all.... "um no, I don't need a website, and if you REALLY think I need one, you need to sell me". I mean my blog has done a fabulous job of "working for me" thus far in my business and wow, all the things we have been through... me and this blog have certainly weathered the seasons of life. I look back and can't believe how far things have come and where things are going... so much growth, so much MORE to grow. So, my point... after talking further with Tim, it's time to grow. I fully intend to stay with my blog and share new favorites, stories, inspirations and more... but I need a dedicated site for potential clients and what we will call "a safe place to land" on the internet! My new website address will be: (It's currently under (insert BIG TIME) construction right now, but just know that it's coming and when it's time for the big launch... I will be sure to let you know!

Next up: (I feel like this is some sort of office meeting) LOL :-)
MY TAGLINE! This part is really fun for me. I decided about a year ago my tag line needed to come in somewhere and finally I found exactly how it fits me and my business. So... the tagline is this: Be Silly. Play Happy. Love Big.

Why did I choose those? GREAT question! Here's how I feel like it fits at this point in my life/business. Every time I walk into a session I am there to capture something that embodies exactly who my clients are at that particular moment in time. When I walk away, my favorite pictures are ALWAYS the ones where I can really feel the story unfold of how the session went and the love between whoever it is I am photographing. Silliness, Happiness, and Love bring me SO much joy.... it's truly an emotional thing for me in my work and I really feel like it is the heart of my heart in my art. So... every session I have done over the last month I have worked HARD to really get my clients to feel those things. Oddly enough, I have felt more fulfilled and inspired each time when I am able to accomplish those 3 things. So... anyway, that's the deal and that's why! Because each of you mean the world to me, I felt it was only fair to share with you why and how and all that good stuff. As always, I need you to know that I adore each one of you and really appreciate you sharing your families and friends with me. It's truly an honor every time I get to capture!!!!

This photo I have to share because I really feel like it fully embodies exactly what I am after with that tag line... can you feel it?!


Kathie said...

It was Tommy Boy! It was David Spade knocking on the door talking to Chris Farley.

Anonymous said...

Well this should answer your question.. Bahaha I love Mr.Deeds or I love the "Very sneaky sneaky sir" ...

Have a great day
Kelly Bristow

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