Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kiddos! - Onsted, MI Family Photographer

This is my new pettiskirt. LOVE it, so I enlisted the model Miss Grace to give it a whirl for me. It was like magic the moment she slipped it over her waist! CUTEST thing in the world to watch her run, jump, pose, and pout in the skirt! Hope to have many more of these sessions!

I have to start this off with this session was SO humid outside. I am really hoping this is the last day of hot humid summer sessions. I am not complaining about the heat... just the thickness in the air... it makes it so kids get sweaty and their hair sticks to their faces and ya im just done with the humidity! Thankyouverymuch! ;-)

These types of sessions where the kids truly get to be kids are my absolute favorite. I shot over 400 frames for this session and proofed it down to about 100, but the running, jumping, sillyness, and fun never gets old! It's precisely what I LOVE about my job.

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