Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Olivia... ONE year already :-(

3 months
6 months (above)

9 months (below)
And here she is for her FIRST birthday!!!!! Happy first birthday Olivia!!!! Her first graduation with public announcement! Olivia has officially graduated from the Bebe' Collection here at Touch of Love Photography.

Seems virtually impossible that a year has already passed since I started photographing this little sweetie. It truly brings tears to my eyes to go back and look through her first year of photos. It's wonderful because she's such a thriving, sweet, fun loving little girl, but at the same time its sad because its gone just like that!

Ashley, Olivia's mommy was like clockwork everytime it came time for Olivia's session and I am so proud of each of these sessions. Olivia will always be near and dear to my heart. This has been an amazing journey to watch her grow. Thank you all for the opportunity to capture your beautiful girl and also thank you for your diligence with the Collection program! Love to you all!

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