Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Santa Days - Holiday Season 2009

I think I have kept you all in suspense long enough!!! So it's time to break the news for our Holiday 2009 event. We really want to see this become a yearly event where we can provide some great family fun photo sessions and also give back to our communities at the same time. I have some incredible people behind this event who are helping Holly and I get everything planned, styled, created and constructed. So with that... id like to send out a huge THANK YOU to: Jess over at Image That Graphic Design and Kylee (Details... Details Wedding and Event Planning) who is our set designer and visionary to help make our visions and ideas a reality.

AHHH... I can't believe I'm among the businesses launching Christmas didn't we just have July 4th? I have always been a tad like Scrooge at Christmas time beacuse when I was a kid I had to go about 30 places to celebrate with all of my families. (LOVE them all, but it's part of coming from a divorced family and it got old being shuttled so many places during the Holidays) . NO Scrooge this year and it feels GREAT! I am REALLY looking forward to everything family and business this season!

Without further ado!!! (click to enlarge)

My goal in getting this information out there as you consider doing a Santa Days session is this: This is NOT your typical Mall Santa deal. We have some great tricks up our sleeves that we are planning and as the advertisement (above) mentions, we are GUARANTEEING a photo with Santa. If you love photography as we do around here, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine your child(ren) at the studio on the set (designed by Kylee *AMAZING*) and we are interacting getting some great Christmas shots of your child(ren). Through a back door (that will be hidden) we have Santa who is going to quietly sneak in and stand behind your child. At this point, the kids have no clue he is there... Santa will bring his pointer finger up to his mouth in the "shhhhh" motion and we will snap!!! There is your guaranteed photo! So those of you with children like my son who want NOTHING to do with the man in the red suit at the mall... this is the perfect opportunity! And for those of you with kids who absolutely love Santa... PERFECT. Santa will spend some time with each child (that wants to) just chatting and interacting for the remainder of the session while we finish up with some great shots.

A few points of interest:
  • We would love to see some of you bring your children in those adorable Christmas pajamas for their session. Kids can wear whatever you want them to of course, but we thought having some of them in those PJ's would be fun.
  • We are going to be offering Milk and cookies to the kids during their session as a way to just reassure them this is FUN and not a stuffy sit on a table kind of photo session.
  • We are offering some great and affordable portrait packages. These will make WONDERFUL Christmas gifts for those tough to buy for family members that adore your kids.
  • If you have worked with me in the past you know that I try to keep photo sessions fun... it's super anxiety provoking for me to bring my child (who is a HANDFUL and a half) to a studio and expect him to smile and pose for complete strangers. My intention in this senerio will be similar... just tell your kids we are going to go "play" and have a snack. Thats the goal here FUN!!!
  • Sessions will be held at Holly Frey's studio in Grass Lake. It's really an easy quick drive if you are from the Brooklyn or Jackson Area. The address is listed on the flyer.
  • The Christmas Card templates that I launched last week (in this post)... will be on display at the studio during your appointment. If you want to use one of our cards, you can use your photo from that day to include in your card!
  • Holly and I both love our communities (Brooklyn and Grass Lake). We know that with the economy the way that it is, there are many people who are in need of food assistance. I know the grocery bill from my family can put a huge but necessary dent in our wallets. Let's be honest... it's a bill I HATE to fork out money for... i know necessary, but who likes spending money at the grocery store? Let's help those struggling and help to lift some of this burden for the holiday season. If you bring and donate a canned good/non-perishable item to your session, we will donate that to our local food pantries in "our Santa Days clients" honor and in return add a free 5x7 to your package.
I will be emailing this flyer to all of my clients as well as the pricing information. If you are not on our mailing list, please send me an email @: karicarpenter2002@yahoo.com As always, if you have any questions please just shoot me an email or call me anytime. My contact information is always listed on sidebar to the right.

Lastly, because I know I have the world's most amazing clients who I know some of you are already excited for this event... I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love every minute of this work and it wouldn't be possible or fun without any of you. This has been an amazing and healing year for me personally and I owe so so much of that to each of you. Again, THANK YOU.

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