Friday, August 14, 2009

Contest winners!!!

I first want all of you who participated and voted too, to know how much we (Touch of Love Photography) appreciate your participation. I know a lot of you worked VERY hard throughout the week rallying votes from every source you could.

I gotta tell ya, I was not sure who would win in the end. Olivia and Valen stayed right together most of the evening.

Soooo... ill be quiet already and tell you who won@! ......... cue DRUM ROLL Please.......

Congratulations OLIVIA!

I got an email from Olivia's mom at about 8:00 this evening and it said... you know your working it when you go to Vista Grande Villa and ask your 93 year old grandmother to vote! LOVE IT!

Looking forward to your session Olivia and can't wait to meet you!

See previous post to see the great prize that Olivia won.

And Second Place....... cue DRUM ROLL please!!!

I haven't heard any stories yet of how Valen's parents rallied their votes, but they definitely worked hard as well. Only TWO votes separates the first and second place!

And last but not least!!!


I just love this kid! He is part of our Bebe' Collection so I am very lucky to get to see him every three months for his first year. We will be adding an ADDITIONAL 20% off prints to his next session for a total of 40% off and another fun little surprise ;-) We love our Bebe' Collection kiddos around here! His little smile can just light up a room can you tell?!

Once again... I want you all to know my heart is humbled just knowing that you all got excited about this contest. It was a lot of fun this week watching the numbers! Thank you all SO much. Please check back periodically for recent sessions and we are currently planning our next contest... the only hint I can give is that it will be in plenty of time for CHRISTMAS!!!

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