Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Parker Bryon

Ok so I know all of you must remember this beautiful couple from not too long ago:
I had the huge honor of meeting Parker Bryon just a few days ago! Well they have their little guy in their arms now and he couldn't be anymore perfect.He is a really good mix of both mom and dad. I kinda think he looks a tad more like Bryon, but I see lots of mommy too! Kristine, as I was looking through his photos, I noticed he has a little dimple in his chin and then I looked at some of your maternity photos and noticed you have one too! Im kinda partial to the chin dimple thing. My son has a HUGE chin dimple and it's one of my favorite things about him ;-) I've heard that when they are made in heaven that's where the angel kissed them!
Bryon and Kristine didn't find out if he was a boy or girl and they also didn't share his name at all! I give them so much credit... such a fun way to keep it a suprise! It was almost like Christmas opening her email when she let me know he was here!

Congrats to all of you! He is absoultely wonderful!!! Thank you for the opportunity to share this exciting time with you! Final proofs will be up shortly!

One last thing that I have to put on here... it's blogworthy ;-) and I haven't had the chance to tell Kristine and Bryon... forgot all about it when I was so overwhelmed with Baby Parker the other day. If you read my facebook this may be repetive.

I was editing Bryon and Kristine's maternity photos to use them on my new blog header. Well when I had the picture up, Carson (my 3 year old), came up to me and said, "mom, why that guy kissin her belly?" I said, "well there's a little baby in there".

That seemed to do the trick, answered his question and off he went to play.

Or so I thought....

About 5 minutes later, he came back over to the computer with a confused yet very serious look and said, "mommy, why that lady swallowed a baby?"


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