Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Taylor!

I know you havent forgotten this sweet little face! (below, Taylor at her 3 month session)

She sure has grown a lot! She is just as beautiful, and sweet as ever and SO smart. It seems to me that she is an old soul... I couldn't believe all the things she comprehends already and the commands she already follows! SO impressive!

It's no secret around here that I photograph a LOT of little boys! For some reason my bebe' collection is full of all boys with the exception of two girls so when it's turn for Taylor or Olivia (who both are right around 9 months ALREADY!) you know I get all excited about what kind of fun things I can do with them!

I made Taylor this little tutu and also the little butterfly clip in her hair. See, I wasn't kiddin' when I said she is BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you Taylor for another great session! I just love this girl! How couldn't you?!

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